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Suppliers of Fine Scottish Shellfish since 2014

Razor Clams

Being Scotlands largest Razor Clam exporters, we have a large partnership fleet and a team of expert Razor Clam divers.

Latin Name: Ensis Siliqua

Brown Crab

Found on the Coasts of the British Isles, these crab are caught using pots and are one of our most in demand products.

Latin Name: Cancer Pagers


Famous all over the world but most popular in Europe, our langoustines are caught on the West Coast of Scotland. 

Latin Name: Nephrops Norvigicus

European Lobster

These large lobster are caught using pots all around the British Isles. 

Latin Name: Homarus Gammarus

"Amazing selection of delicious and fresh Shellfish. Our customers keep on coming back for more.”

Jan Volstein, Restrauant Owner

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