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Scot West shellfish
The art of fishing

Since 2014


To Scot West Shellfish

Scottish Shellfish Experts

As a premier shellfish exporter, we proudly source locally caught Scottish shellfish from the West Coast of Scotland to deliver exceptional quality to our customers across the globe. Our reach extends to the UK, Europe, Asia, UAE, Canada, and North America. Join us in experiencing the taste of the sea.

Not just another Catch

Passion & Expertise

With a combination of passion and expertise, we deliver freshly caught and expertly handpicked produce. Trust us to provide exceptional quality every time.

100% Fresh Scottish Produce

Experience the Best of Scottish Seafood Fresh from Pristine Waters Sought After all Over the World.

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With a focus on both exceptional service and top-quality products, we've earned a reputation as a leading exporter of fresh Scottish shellfish.

International & Local Delivery

Expect nothing less than exceptional service that includes both international shipping and local next day delivery, the Scot West team are packaging and customs experts.

Featured Shellfish Produce

We have been supplying local restaurants and exporting premium live Shellfish around the world for almost a decade.

Hand-caught Fresh

Razor Clams

Latin Name: Ensis Siliqua

Our team of expert divers specialise in Razor Clam fishing in Scotland and adhere to strict government regulations. Our 12 vessels have been granted licenses for catching Razor Clams, ensuring responsible and sustainable fishing practices. You can rely on our reliable and ethical clam-catching fishing service.

European Lobster

Latin Name: Homarus Gammarus
The European Lobster is a large crustacean, caught around the British Isles using Lobster pots.


Latin Name: Nephrops Norvigicus
Caught on the West Coast of Scotland using either pots for live or trawling for fresh Langoustine.

Brown Crab

Latin Name: Cancer Pagurus
Caught on the Coasts of the British Isles using pots.

“From Scotland to the rest of the world Scot West Shellfish offer the highest quality fresh produce”

chef Mark Bruge, Dubia

Our packaging operation runs 24/7

delivered fresh seven days a week

Our exceptional packaging team operates 24/7, enabling us to deliver the freshest highest quality products on demand.